• What started off in 1989 as a facility for production of burnt lime using a country type kiln has progressed to a full-fledged hydrated lime manufacturing facility in 1995 Since then, we have been continuously adding to the infrastructure. Today, Uthaya Chemicals has an installed capacity of over 2000 tons per month.

    Excellent Production Facilities

    To cater to the ever growing demand of core industries who are our clients, we have in place some of the best facilities at every turn along the production process. Here’s a glimpse on how we sustain our quality over the years and keep it growing as well.

    Bulk Material Handling

    Uthaya Chemicals uses Screw Conveyors and a completely automated process to load materials directly into bunkers. Fail Safe Logistics Our plants are located in the city of Tirunelveli located right in NH7, the lifeline of Southern India. Added to this is the city’s proximity to Tuticorin Port that makes it possible to have anytime access to transportation to anywhere in the world.

    Ample Storage

    With a storage capacity of 20,000 bags of Charcoal, 5000 MT of Petroleum Coke and 25,000 MT of Lime Stone at our plants, availability of raw material is never a constraint in our production process. This helps us meet sudden spikes in demands on any given day and helps us supply any quantity irrespective of the fluctuations in demand.

    Quality Production Process

    At every stage in the production process, we ensure that we use the right ingredients, the right practice and exercise the right care that puts our products on a quality pedestal.

    Removing low grade material right at the beginning of the process, Using soft water straight from the riverbed for hydration, removing non-hydrated raw material early in the process, drying the hydrated material for over 24 hours in an airy environment, changing the hammer and blades in the Pulverizes at regular intervals are just few of the things we do to ensure that our products are of the finest quality, with a greater shelf life.

    Versatile Packaging

    We use laminated bags for packing the final product. These bags are moisture proof and keep the powder intact without leaks. Hence, you can be assured of a product that can be stored for months and transported across different locations without the worry of loss of material or quality.

    Captive and Trusted Sources of Raw Materials

    Where our materials come from is a key consideration for us. We pick the right source to get the right quality of materials to ensure we deliver only, but quality lime based products.

    • -We source lime stone from our three quarries in Tirunevleli District and also import from other Asian Countries
    • -We import Petroleum Coke through Tuticorin, the closest port city to us, just an hour’s travel away from our plants
    • -Charcoal comes from the nearby towns of Kovilpatti and Virudhunagar, which are located within a 50 km radius from or plants
    • -Packing materials and machine spares are sourced from trusted vendors locally

    Our Factories

    • Unit I: # 354, Sankarankoil Road, Rastha, Tirunelveli – 627 201. Ph: +91 462 2485566
    • Unit II: # 452/2, Madhavakuruchi Road, Rastha, Tirunelveli – 627 201. Ph: +91 462 2920505
    • Unit III: # 352/2, Madhavakuruchi Road, Rastha, Tirunelveli – 627 201. Ph: +91 462 2920505