• Uthaya Chemicals takes pride in being a Humane and a socially responsible organization

    Our passion to produce the finest products and offer them at a great value to you does not stop with just our manufacturing process or our supply chain. We go that extra mile to care for our people and the environment.

    We grow hundreds of trees around our plants. This sustained vegetation acts as a natural barrier that prevents the spread of dust that emanates out of our processes. They also help reduce the vibrations our machineries generate.

    Factory infrastructure is strictly built to meet all laws and regulations of the Governments and the Law of this land. Regular checks and periodical maintenance to our plant and machinery helps us avoid breakdowns and accidents. Every plant has an efficient exhaust system in place and our chimneys keep our plants free from dust and smog.

    Employees at the shop floor are given adequate protection. Their work gear includes standard goggles, gloves, and specialty footwear that protects them from the work related hazards. Our workforce is accommodated in quality housing with well-ventilated rooms, television, clean toilets among the other amenities that are standard for a good quality of life. Food, healthy snacks and safe drinking water is provided free our entire workforce.

    These are just the few things we do to show the world, we care.