• Uthaya Chemicals prides itself on the vast experience drawn from its founder, Shri. Chelladurai, who started this business in 1989. The years of experience has helped the company perfect the art of quality lime making and supply world class lime based products at competitive prices.

    Uthaya Chemicals has a dedicated supply of raw materials from its own three quarries. And we have captive manpower and equipment for uninterrupted production. Add to this our penchant for quality and our years of experience, we offer products that offer you five key benefits that are key to your own quality and production efficiency.

    We present to you 6 Reasons that makes us your preferred supplier.

    1. Lime in its purest form

    Our careful production methods and personal attention in every stage of the process ensures that our products have a minimum of 90% of Calcium Hydroxide, thereby qualifying it as a product in its purest form.

    2.Versatile Packaging

    Individual packaging (50 / 25 / 10 / 5 Kg Bags) & Bulk Container Packaging.

    3. Super fine Powder

    Hydration with soft water and complete drying process ensures our products are of super fine quality, non-sticky and does not coagulate with time.

    4. Longer shelf life

    Our leak proof packaging in quality, laminated bags ensures the product has a shelf life of up to six months and thus takes the worry out of storing our products for a longer time to ensure just-in-time inventory to meet your production requirements.

    5. Assured Supplies

    Our location advantage of having our mining and production facilities in Tirunelveli gives us access to road and rail transport to any part of the country. Uninterrupted availability of trucks round the clock ensures that we can reach our products to you in time and without delay.

    6. Competitive Prices

    Our prices are our hall mark. Captive mining, production, local labour and lack of intermediaries help us offer our products at prices that are among the lowest in the market.